This is where the 3D computer stuff happens…


The complex 3D stuff takes place here. I used Maxon’s Cinema 4D (mac) to model, rig, texture, light, animate and render all of the animation short.  I’ve been working in Cinema 4D for about five years and feel pretty comfortable with it.

By creating everything myself I’m able to maintain control over the whole animation, although the downside is I can’t create huge amounts of detail and it’s also pretty slow going building everything from scratch.  After all the 3d modelling and rigging, which was a lot of hard work, I can then create on average 1 x shot a day. I think there are around 50 shots in this short.

After rendering out at 1080p I then import the files into After Effects for some post production work.  I try to keep render times down to less than 5 minutes a frame, which isn’t very long compared to other more expensive films and animations.