Making the music

logic pro screenshotlogic-pro-close-up

Although most animators get someone else to do the music, this was the part I was really looking forward to. Making music is so much fun!  For this soundtrack I used Logic Pro and a collection of orchestral samples. Having my own virtual orchestra was amazing!

I started composing by developing themes for both Zoom and the UFO and their various counterpoint melodies. After tweaking these themes I then started orchestrating, putting in the different colours of the various orchestral instruments. I’m a big soundtrack fan so I loved this part.

Here’s a confession.

I can’t read music. But honestly with Logic and most other computer music software you just don’t have to. If you look at the second screenshot above it shows Zoom’s theme. You can see the keyboard on the side with all the notes, the bars show the pitch and the colours of the bars show the velocity. It makes a whole lot more sense to me than dots, squiggles, lines and Italian!

Play the soundtrack.

  • Hazel Ireland

    Wow! I love this music x