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Making the music

Although most animators get someone else to do the music, this was the part I was really looking forward to. Making music is so much fun!  For this soundtrack I used Logic Pro and a collection of orchestral samples. Having my own virtual orchestra was amazing! I started composing by developing themes for both Zoom […]

Editing the movie

As you can see from the screen shots above, putting together a short film is a lot like putting together a jigsaw. All the shots need to be cut and timed down to a fraction of a second. Each second has 24 rendered frames and every frame counts. I used Adobe Premiere to edit each […]

Early Zoom Sketch

This was one of my early Zoom designs. He was originally called ‘Ickle Bot’, but I later changed it to ‘Zoom’ – a play on words about his fast speed and his telescopic eyes. I simplified the final 3D design, adjusted the wheels but he’s essentially the same shape as I originally planned.